Minicoy Island

Southern most island of the group, Minicoy, is geographically isolated from other islands. Perhaps due to this, the culture here is a mix of Maldivian and South Indian. The language spoken is Mahl a form of Divehi, the language spoken in Maldives. It is a cousin of Indo-Persian languages whose script is written from right to left. Minicoy, often called Women’s Island for the dominating position enjoyed by ladies in the society has a culture distinct from other islands. Here the village life has been democratic perhaps even before the words Democracy and Panchayat were known to them. It has a cluster of 10 villages each presided by a “Bodukaka”. The island has a rich tradition of performing arts. Lava dance, the most attractive among them, is performed on festive occasions. A visit to the tuna canning factory, the light house built by the British in 1885, and a long drive through dense coconut groves and winding village roads are part of the tour apart from the pleasures of one of the largest lagoons. Traditionally the people of Minicoy are seamen working in international shipping companies. The pole and line tuna fishing was practiced here even before it was officially introduced. The men folk of the island are known for their carpentry and maritime skills and women are well known for their culinary and housekeeping skills.The island is a part of the Coral Reef package with facilities to accommodate staying tourists as well as day tourists. A new twenty-bedded tourist resort has started functioning. The island is included in the Swaying Palms package.

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